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Reference books, realia and charts in a medical library collection
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Monthly minutes

Past Events

  • November 14, Health Library Tour, UBC Biomedical Branch Library with Dean Giustini, librarian
  • CHLA's Consumer Health Workshop was on Ethics and Resources for Health Reference Services on Tuesday, March 15th from 12-1pm in room 461 in IKBLC. This session was presented by Brooke Ballantyne Scott, librarian at Royal Columbian Hospital and Niki Baumann, librarian at Burnaby Hospital and the BCCPS with a total of 19 attendees. The session focused on general tactics in answering health reference questions, the ethics behind providing health reference services, and reliable resources to help you answer health reference questions in any library setting.
  • The CHLA Health Library Tour was on Thursday, March 10th from 2-3pm at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC located at 400-858 Beatty Street, Vancouver BC V6B-1C1. The tour was a success with 5 attendees. Everyone enjoyed the Q&A and tour session.

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