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September to December 2008

May to July 2008

A new executive has formed. We have had two brief summer meetings to get organized for the new term.

April 2008

Annual General Meeting Everyone welcome! This was an excellent opportunity for you to become involved!!

When: 4:45 to 5:30 pm, Tuesday April 8th Where: TBD

On the Agenda: Nominations for the SLAIS CHLA executive positions (President, Webmaster, Treasurer)

Descriptions are at CHLA@SLAIS position descriptions.

March 2008

"1st SLAIS Search Unconference" (see Wikipedia entry) for the SLAIS-CHLA Student Interest Group, March 26th, 2008. 4:00-5:30pm, Ike Barber Learning Centre. UBC Campus. The discussion will focus on the new OvidSP interface, advanced and command-based search techniques within the context of search in general.

Past Events

  • November 25th 2008 - Zotero Workshop and End of Term Meeting
  • October 1st 2008 - 2nd Annual Search Unconference
  • September 26th 2008 - SLAIS CHLA Beginning of Term Social
  • September 24th 2008 - Presentation by Megan Wiebe, InspireHealth
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