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Date: Thursday April 2nd, 2009
Location: IKBLC Room 491 Time: 11am – noon Present: Xuemei Li, Dan Hooker, Zhizhong Chang, Vera Spika, Becky Smith, Maureen Bezanson, Wei Yang, Qiong Yang, and Nazi Torabi (minutes)
Chair: Xuemei Li

Meeting minutes: Welcome to new members!
1. Follow up with old issues:

  • Qiong Yang announced that the tour of College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, which was supposed to happen on Tuesday April 7th at 1:30, will be rescheduled for the beginning of next term so more students will be able to attend.
  • Becky Smith has communicated with Abi Bibee (LASSA treasure) and we are in complete agreement with LASSA financially. CHLA @ SLIAS will be contributing $25 to LASSA for the costs associated with Career Expo.
  • Xuemei Li has announced that CHLA@ SLIAS poster is accepted for CHLA conference. It is not clear who will be designing the poster. -- Xuemei will follow up with Dean. The conference will be happening early June 2009 in Winnipeg and we have to consider the cost for printing the poster.
  • BCLA conference (health library of BC- sponsored by HLABC) will be happening in April. Members were encouraged to attend for Consumer Health and Risk Management sessions.
  • Since Xuemei will be graduating soon, as part of CHLA knowledge management, she will pass on all the contact information to Sue for the future events.

2. Events for next year (2009-2010)

  • Couple of good ideas for next year events: (CPS) library tour, tour or guest speaker from Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC), and baking sale with SLA.

3. New members' recruitment

  • Dan proposed to be involved in maintaining the Website and act as the web master.
  • Zhizhong will be our new event coordinated.
  • Xuemei will be talking to Sue to see if she would like to stay on board. We need to recruit a new co-president.

4. Congratulations to graduating members Xuemei Li and Qiong Yang!
Meeting adjourned: noon
Decisions made post meeting via email:

  • Sue agreed to stay on as co-president
  • Wei has offered to be the co-events coordinator since we have enough coverage for wiki/webmaster
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