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"Libraries of all types have embraced Web 2.0 tools to provide innovative online services and reach out to their users. Academic libraries in particular have a unique opportunity to leverage the technologies and philosophy that drives Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 to meet the needs of their users. — Academic Libraries 2.0 wiki
"[Academic] Library 2.0 describes a subset of library services designed to meet user needs caused by the direct and peripheral effects of Web 2.0 services leveraging concepts of the Read/Write Web, the Web as Platform, the Long Tail, harnessing collective intelligence, network effects, core datasets from user contributions, and lightweight programming models." — Habib 2008

Academic libraries 2.0 is a by-now dated term referring to web 2.0 tools and social media in the context of academic libraries. The 2.0 moniker has had its peak in usage (probably in 2009-2010). Further, the phrase academic libraries 2.0 has been roundly criticized for lacking a clear definition, and some academic librarians have dismissed it entirely. It is not used in searches of the conference and journal literature. However, the principles of web 2.0 continue to be applied to academic libraries in various ways by subject librarians and their host institutions.

Best academic use of social media

  • What are the best practices and use of social media in academic libraries?
  • Do we track these best practices, and have a place for them to be viewed by others?
  • What are some possible goals in using social media in academic libraries?

Strategic goals

  • Where does your library or organization want to go with social media; do you have a strategic plan in place?
  • social media policies? assessment-teaching & learning-evaluation?
  • How can we use web 2.0 technology to enhance our teaching and learning, and scholarly activities
  • And, take university out to community and bring community in through increased civic engagement? How will effectiveness be measured? by increased online influence?
  • Think about how you can do community-building through web 2.0 and social software
  • Build partnerships with innovative educators, students
  • Using those partnerships, incorporate social media and web 2.0 awareness into information literacy training
    • See: Educause podcast on information literacy and IT Fluency
  • Consider professional librarian development and knowledge of social media for future
  • Assess feasibility of using social media to advance a “Web 2.0” approach to providing services
    • Stress critical evaluation of available social media tools
    • 100% adoption rate is impractical and undesirable
    • Rather, as librarians, possessing an understanding of, and being able to articulate, both the utility and pitfalls of web 2.0 in the library is essential
  • Develop web 2.0 service environment where communication is continuous between university community and library
  • Continue to increase functionality and usability of Library web presence
  • Develop customized and/or personalized notification services

Specific mention of academic libraries 2.0

This section is not as uptodate as: Social media usage in academic libraries

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