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October 2007 Update

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September 2007 Update

August 2007 Update

The Student Interest Group met August 24th, 2007 minutes in the evening to discuss a number of issues pertaining to our status as a student group within AMS, our website and our plans for the coming year.

July 2007 Update

Thie SLAIS Student Interest Group met on July 19th, 2007 to continue planning for the fall term. There was a full discussion about a number of matters, including publicizing the group to incoming SLAIS student cohorts, brainstorming possible speakers and social events, and what to do with respect to a website as a digital space for interactivity, and promotion. (See Desy's Web plan. The group decided to move materials from the SLAIS pbwiki by consolidating materials on the UBC Health Library wiki.

Stay tuned for more information, and developments.

June 2007 Update

At the 2007 CHLA/ABSC (Canada) Ottawa Conference, the Student Interest Group was discussed by the CHLA/ABSC (Canada) Executive. The President spoke to CHLA/ABSC member Dean Giustini, who acts as a liaison between the students and the board, to confirm that the SLAIS Student Interest Group had been given approval by the CHLA/ABSC Executive and received its official status.

At the first meeting of library school students on June 8th 2007, Giustini conveyed the fact that official status had been granted. Other agenda items included plans for the SIG (pdf), its purpose and to organize itself for the coming academic year. Giustini mentioned that the SIG is the first student interest group in CHLA/ABSC history going back to 1976, and originally back to 1899 under the Medical Library Association - MLA.
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